The mission of this blog is to create a collaborative, open-source fictional world, and to incentivize that, I will run monthly contests for submissions. They can be an encyclopedia-style entry in the blog’s usual tone, a profile of an original character, narrative fiction, visual art, fashion, music, or any other artistic discipline! All entries can be published, regardless of whether or not they won.


The prize payout is linked to the monthly income on Patreon. First place will receive 40% of that month’s income, second place 30%, and third place 20%. (Patrons can also read one entry in advance, and can vote on the next topic to be covered!)

Bear in mind that this may be well below market rate for art/writing commissions. As a general rule, consider your work schedule, and price your commissions to be comfortably better than minimum wage and suit your needs. Art commissions are made-to-order luxury goods, after all. Only work for little to no money if you have absolute creative control and you wanted to do it anyway. Thus, only submit work if you were going to produce fanworks regardless.


  • Submit your work to with the name you’d like to be credited under (or specifying if you want to be anonymous).
  • Entries can be text, visual art, physical art, music, or any other form of art inspired by the content of this blog.
  • Works may be subject to editorial revision, but with prior communication about that.
  • The money prize will only be given out in months with three or more entries, but entries will still be published if there are fewer.
  • One entry per person per month. Deceitfully submitting multiple entries under different names will get you permanently banned, as will plagiarism.
  • The rules and prize structure are subject to change, but any such changes will be announced in advance.